Erika Niedowski Memorial Electric Bike Rebate Program Modifications

  • Local Purchases: E-bikes must be purchased from a local bike shop that specializes in the sale of bikes or e-bikes and is physically located in Rhode Island. 
  • Online Purchases: Online purchases are valid if the e-bike is bought directly from the website of a local Rhode Island bike shop that specializes in bikes or e-bikes and has a physical location in Rhode Island. Online purchases are also valid if purchased from the website of a third-party e-bike seller/manufacturer with a direct association or prior agreement with a local Rhode Island bike shop, with delivery to the associated Rhode Island bike shop for assembly and/or pickup. Simply purchasing an e-bike online and having it delivered to a local RI bike shop without a pre-existing agreement is not considered a valid purchase. 
  • Retailer Restrictions: Purchases from big box retailers and other large retail chains (Walmart, REI, Target, etc.) do not qualify for this rebate, with an exception for retail chains founded in Rhode Island, such as Ocean State Job Lot.   
    • Promotion Exclusions: Purchases that do not result in a clear and full Rhode Island sales tax payment on the e-bike do not qualify for this rebate, including Ocean State Job Lot Crazy Deals®.